Toxic Free Future
For Our Children

“The global toxicity crisis is on a par with the climate crisis - we urgently need to inform the world of the real risks and to find real solutions.”

Join us in ridding the world of toxic chemicals


Unregulated, toxic chemicals, polluting Our lives, the lives of our children, and the planet.

$557 Billion

The estimated economic burden due to the health effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) is US$340 billion in the USA and $217 billion in Europe.

“Going after one toxic chemical at a time is not the answer."

It's time to change the rules of the game


Toxic Free Future for Our Children has a simple mission – We aim to create the first ever comprehensive and targeted economic risk assessments on the most used chemical groups in the world. These unique economic risk assessments will enable us to discover and communicate the true cost of environmental toxicants and to prevent substituting one toxic chemical with another toxic chemical equally harmful or potentially worse, this is also known as ‘regrettable substitution.’

We are following the example of the risk assessments carried out on the oil and gas industries that have led investors, brands, policy makers and others to move away from those industries. This same template will be used by Toxic Free Future for Our Children to create a rapid movement of multiple sectors away from the industries and brands that manufacture or use toxic chemicals.

Our expert comprehensive risk assessments, will be summarized and communicated by an experienced media team, which will enable investors, health insurers, brands, policy makers and consumers to better understand why we need to work together to turn off the tap of toxic chemicals and replace them with viable, safer alternatives.

Our Partners

Toxic Free Future For Our Children (TFFFOC), is supported by the Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Anniversary Year, Partnerships for Change® and The Detox Project in an unprecedented collaboration to not only discover the true cost of the overuse of toxic chemicals, but also to communicate it to the world.

Rapid Translation of Science to Protect Global Public Health

Our Approach to Translation of Science

The COVID-19 crisis has shown that it is possible to accelerate all phases of the clinical research process from basic lab methods to expedited funding and accelerated translation into application. It should be possible to use the experience gained in this pandemic to ask whether some of these “fast track” approaches can be considered for other threats to global public health.

With regards to environmental toxicants, the scientific community, as well as those who assess and manage health risk, are all aware that the current system is far too slow when it comes to translating comprehensive scientific research results into outcomes that protect human health and the environment. To fast track this dangerously slow system, our concentration will be on the intersection between those bearing the cost of harmful health outcomes and the scientists who produce the evidence.

This project will connect risk assessors and risk managers in the areas of health insurance, pension management, the legal industry and others, directly to the scientists carrying out vital research projects in the area of ubiquitous environmental toxicants, to provide a faster path to acting on the pivotal evidence. This continuous connection will enable rapid knowledge transfer that will directly guide the comprehensive science and the detailed risk assessments created through this project.

The reporting of the research results and risk assessments in an accurate, easily digestible and responsible way is also an important part of this project, for which we are involving top experts in the area of science media.

The rapid translation of independent science on environmental toxicants will lead to the following outcomes:

  • Increased Public Awareness surrounding Exposure to Environmental Toxicants and improvement in science literacy
  • Accurate Economic Risk Assessment of Exposure to Environmental Toxicants, will lead to informed economic decisions by investors, brands, health insurers and pension funds on this issue. This will cause a rapid shift away from the most damaging toxic chemicals.
  • Accurate Legal Assessment of Exposure to Environmental Toxicants
  • Rapid and Evidence-Based Policy Changes to Reduce Harmful Exposures for Children and Protect Public Health when Required

“It’s time to solve the global toxicity crisis that is damaging our children’s health and well-being and to bring innovative solutions to urban and rural communities.”

Anne Reynolds Robertson
Environmental Health Activist & Entrepreneur


Toxic Free Future for Our Children has gathered together the A-Team of toxic chemical experts from around the world in the three areas of:

  1. Science
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Media

This group of experts from highly respected and independent global institutions has enabled the involvement of some excellent founding partners as outlined in the ‘PARTNERS’ section above.

About Our Founder

Environmental Health Activist & Entrepreneur, Anne Reynolds Robertson, is the great-granddaughter of Richard S. Reynolds, the founder of The Reynolds Metals Corporation and the great, great grandniece of RJ Reynolds, Founder of RJR Tobacco. This upbringing provided Anne with a very unique perspective on the power big business can yield in the marketplace.

While there are many exemplary cases of corporations being good stewards, Anne has discovered there is a dark side to companies that operate with impunity while damaging the health and well-being of our children and the planet and is dedicated to finding a new and better way for business to operate, through building innovative and solution orientated collaborations.

Having lost several family members to cancer related illnesses, and witnessing the toll that it takes, Anne clearly understands that if this trend continues, our children face a future that could be seriously compromised. It is this concern that has led Anne to form Toxic Free Future For Our Children, to unite a coalition of concerned individuals, organizations, businesses and communities to come together for the sake of our children’s future.

A dedicated advocate of environmentally conscious organizations, Anne has served on the boards of several national environmental health organizations, including Healthy Child Healthy World and Mt. Sinai’s Children’s Environmental Health Center. She has also served or serves on the board or advisory board of several other non-profits including Texas Campaign for the Environment, the Sustainable Food Center, HealthCode and Trendsetters.  She recently helped create the Childhood Cancer Prevention Initiative, a collaboration of over 60 stakeholders in the Health, Science Business, Policy and Advocacy sectors to raise awareness and take action on the environmental links to pediatric cancer.

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